Nobody wants to see a mould formation and moisture on their elegant curtains. However, some curtain fabrics may fade if they are not dry cleaned properly. Curtain dry cleaning is one of the smartest ways to keep your curtains moisture-free and clean.

You may never have thought of dry cleaning the curtains till this very moment. Curtain dry cleaning is the quickest method to make your curtains neat and hygienic. But, what if we told you that anyone can dry clean the curtains in two simple ways? Yes, this is possible. You can give your curtains a spa day at home by using the following two ways of curtain dry cleaning:

1. Use Washing Machine

If you have a washing machine then you can easily wash the curtains. However, you have to be extra cautious as curtains are not your everyday clothes.

To dry clean your curtains, put the curtains in the washing machine, change the look-warm water into cold water. Detergents can easily get dissolved in cold water, and the entire process becomes easier.

So, when you are washing curtains in the washing machine, make sure that you are using a detergent that is recommended for only curtains or light-weighted fabrics. Normal clothing detergents have harsh chemicals that can change the curtain’s texture or colour.

2. Use Wash Washing Basin

Fill the washing basin with cold water. Pour curtain detergent in the water and stir. Then, clean the curtains gently. You have to be careful not to damage the delicate fabric or line pattern of the curtain. Once you are done with the cleaning, hang those curtains for drying.

It may seem easy to just wash the curtains in a washbasin or washing machine. But, curtains have designs, lines and straps attached, so in this case, dry cleaning your curtains at home may lead to damages to the fabric. So, hiring professionals for curtain dry cleaning is the best way to keep your curtains fresh and dry. Experts use dry and safe detergents for curtain dry cleaning.

You can search for the best curtain dry cleaning in Perth. For this, you can also look for curtain dry cleaning near me. Before hiring the professionals, check the curtain dry cleaning cost, the experience of the experts, and the type of detergents or techniques they use. Experts can dry clean your curtain within a few hours. So, do not worry, just give a call to the company that provides the best curtain dry cleaning in Perth.

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