Looking For Curtain Pressing Services Perth?

Maintaining curtains and drapes isn’t an easy task at all. As curtains are available in different fabrics like silk, cotton, and so on. Drapes and curtains make your house look more luxurious and aesthetics, but you need to give constant attention to its looks.

Curtain pressing service Perth is crucial for maintaining the shine and luster for a long time. Regular cleaning and pressing can do wonders for your curtain and drapes.

The frequency of availing curtain pressing service is comparatively low. But, when the curtains aren’t pressed properly, it makes your house look unaesthetic. Curtains made from linen, silk, cotton, and natural fiber get wrinkled easily. The softer and natural your drape material will be, the more wrinkles it is likely to develop.

At, Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth we provide every type of curtain maintenance and cleaning services. We offer a wide range of services to residents and business owners at the most affordable rates. Curtain pressing services Perth is our specialized service, additionally, we also provide cleaning and maintenance services. For availing our services just search for ‘curtain ironing service near me’ on the internet. Enjoy our hassle-free services that will boost your house and workplace aesthetics.

Why Choose Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth?

We have years of experience in providing curtain pressing services Perth

We are an industry leader and known for offering premium quality services

We provide free pick up, delivery, and curtain rehanging services

Our technicians are locally based and highly qualified

We provide same-day and emergency services

Our customer support services are available 24/7

All our services are available at super affordable prices

Our equipment is highly advanced and effective

Why get curtain pressing services from Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth?

Pressing the curtains and drapes is the final touch for concluding the cleaning work. Our curtain pressing services can make your curtain look brand new, and here’s why you should avail of our services:

When curtains are washed or cleaned, the fiber of the clothes shrinks and becomes wrinkly. Here, ironing the curtains help the fiber in getting back to their normal state and it also boosts the lifespan of the curtains.

Pressing the curtains makes it look neat, crisp, and elegant. The natural folds of the curtains can be enhanced using ironing services, which boosts the aesthetics additionally.

One of the best advantages of ironing is the elimination of bacteria from the fabric. Heat prevents bacteria infestation for a long time.

So, for availing of our amazing curtain pressing services Perth, feel free in contacting Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth.

Professional tips for curtain pressing by Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth

For getting the best and effective results of carpet ironing, consulting a professional for curtain pressing services Perth is highly recommended. Our experts adopt certain tips that turn your curtains brand new and fresh. Here are some tips you should know:

The best time to iron the curtain is when these are slightly damp. Curtains made from heavy fabrics develop stiff wrinkles, and hence it is highly recommended to press the curtain while it is moist.

If you own light fabric curtains, a slight water spray is enough to get you started.

Curtains made from organza and silk are quite delicate. And, we use a cotton pad beneath the curtains while ironing, so damage can be avoided.

Our experts thoroughly check and identify the curtain fabric type, so it can be pressed at a suitable temperature. Any ignorance or self-handling can easily burn or damage the curtains in no time.

Our professionals make quick movement while pressing your curtains, so the fabric doesn’t get damaged. We make sure the movement goes from up to down while pulling the curtain downwards, so all wrinkles can be removed.

We iron the other parts of the curtain horizontally. And let the ironed part fall on the other side of the iron board.

We also use the steam ironing method for making your curtains look fresh and crisp. This method is more convenient, effective, and faster than any other method.

Our professional give special attention to the curtain seams. The steam function of the iron is turned off while pressing seams. When the curtain fabric is dense, steam ironing doesn’t do any damage, but in the case of delicate curtains, steam ironing the seam can cause severe damage.

Services available at Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth

Curtain steam and dry cleaning

On-site and factory curtain cleaning

Curtain laundry cleaning

Curtain pressing

Top and bottom cleaning

Curtain mould removal

Eco-friendly and blinds cleaning

DIY Curtain Pressing Process

Performing curtain ironing at home isn’t a tough task. By following certain points you can iron your drapes at the comfort of your home. Here’s what you should remember while curtain pressing:

You should initiate the curtain pressing process by setting the iron board first. You should try to place the iron board near your curtains as it will be more convenient. Placing an iron board near curtains will help you in quickly hanging the curtains without causing wrinkles while transportation. If your iron boards have movable legs it will be better.

Moving on, you need to set up the iron for curtain pressing.  Heat the iron, based on the fabric type of your curtains. Make sure the iron’s temperature is suitable for the curtain fabric, for assuring it read the labels on your curtains. Maintaining right iron temperature is important as the different fabric has different heat tolerance levels, application of more or less heat can damage your carpet in no time.

Keep a spray bottle ready beside you, just fill it with the normal water. A few sprays of water on your curtains will help in crisp ironing.

Now, you should proceed with the major task. Make sections on your curtains, and proceed with ironing slowly from top to bottom. Dividing sections on your curtains will help you in ironing precisely while allowing you to cover all the areas on the curtains. Shift your curtains as you finish ironing them from top to bottom after one cycle.

While ironing the different sections of the curtain, always make sure you spray some water on it, for dampening it. Use the iron back and forth for crisp ironing and removal of all the wrinkles.

You need to be patient while pressing your curtains. You should not hurry while pressing the curtains as you may end up damaging the fabric and hurting yourself as well.

After you are finished ironing the curtains, hang them carefully. When you quickly hang the curtains, it doesn’t cause any wrinkles. You can put the lower part of the curtains on the iron board and repeat the same process.

How to contact Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth?

At, Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth we carefully inspect and execute the curtain pressing task by adjusting the temperature of the irons so zero damage can be caused.

DIY and self-ironing are not easy and sometimes, give unsatisfactory results. Hence, contacting Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth for professional curtain pressing services is the best decision you should take.

All you need to do is type ‘curtain ironing service near me and visit our website for making a booking. Else, you can also write to us and call us on +61480021966.

Frequently Asked Questions from Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth!

1. How can I schedule your services?

Making a booking with Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth is hassle-free and quite easy. All you need to do is search for a curtain ironing service near me on the internet. You can visit our website and give us a call for a quick booking of your services.

2. Are your services affordable?

Yes. All our services are available at super competitive prices. The range of your rates depends on several factors like the length of the curtain, its fabric type, and level of damage. Based on the curtain’s condition our professionals will provide you an estimate.

3. Can I perform curtain ironing at home?

Yes, you can. DIY curtain ironing can be executed easily at home. You just need to have a spray bottle, an iron, and an iron bed. However, if you aren’t confident enough or don’t have the time for it, just feel free in contacting Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth for your assistance.

4. Can ironing damage my curtains?

You should read the instruction on the labels of the curtain before ironing it. Some curtain fabrics are more delicate in nature and need to be ironed at a lower temperature. Overheating can damage your carpet altogether. Don’t worry, seek professional help from Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth as our experts will press your curtains perfectly and quickly.

5. Do you provide services on weekends?

Yes. We are always available for our customers, no matter if it is a public holiday or a weekend. You can reach our 24/7 customer support services for booking your services any time you want.

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