Drapes that are dusty and filthy are not only unsightly, but they can also be a health hazard for allergy sufferers. For certain drapes and curtains, such as wool, pleated parts, or highly structured swags, professional drapery dry-cleaning is the best option. You can wash drapes at home with DIY methods but you would not be sure if the drapes have gotten rid of dust and grime. Thus, in such cases a professional company like Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth can help you!


  • Experts do inspections
  • Recommend the best service
  • Handling of heavy fabric with care
  • Use of modern techniques with advanced tools
  • Required cleaning drapes along with their maintenance

Why Should You Hire Us to Clean Your Drapes in Perth?

Make a reservation with Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth for a fantastic drapery cleaning service in Perth. We have been meeting the needs of our customers with regard to drape cleaning for many years. Our cleaners and employees have assisted us in raising our quality levels, and as a result, we are the best service providers. We also operate in a variety of commercial areas, so make your reservations today if you want the latest and most timely services. Choose us for the following reasons:

Availability: Our professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take bookings and offer service on the same day if necessary. If you need a curtain, blinds, or drapes cleaning service right away, we will arrive at your location within an hour of booking confirmation.

Best Cleaning Team: We have the best cleaning staff for the job, since they all have years of cleaning experience and expertise.

The Most Up-to-Date Equipment and Safe Cleaning Agents: Cleaning equipment and solutions are best used with caution. We will restore them to their original state using our cleaning methods and techniques.

Local Cleaners: We will also help you find our local curtain and blind cleaners.

Reliability and friendliness: We will demonstrate our reliability by the consistency of our work and the timeliness in which we complete it, as well as by the manner in which we perform our work, which will demonstrate why we are a good cleaning team.

Service Area: We are prepared to clean all styles of curtains and blinds that have been hung or built in various residential and commercial locations in Perth.

Our Drape Cleaning Process:

We get the drapes down, remove the hooks and plastic shanks that tie the lining to the face cloth, and separate the fabrics so that the solvent can clean every inch of your drapes, back, front, and middle. There will be no more dust, bugs, or excrement from flies, spiders, and other insects. To ensure the best results, we remove the existing stains both before and after dry cleaning.

After the drapes have been dry cleaned, the hooks are replaced, and the drapes are hanged to drop and breathe, followed by steaming and checking for shrinkage. Finally, new shanks are inserted to keep the lining and face fabric together. We then fan fold the drapes (as they were when they were new) and bagged, ready for storage or delivery to your house, before being hanged back on the walls.

Cleaning Services For Drapes

Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth strives to provide Perth residents with the best curtain cleaning service possible. We can do anything from takedown, dry cleaning, and rehanging to track maintenance and repairs, installation, new tracks, and blinds, among other things. When items are taken down prior to our collection, we are unable to conduct the necessary inspection and provide advice on any necessary repairs. Our drapes technician would be more than happy to attend to your problems at a time that is convenient for all, but due to unforeseen circumstances, this might not be possible.

Our expert cleaners at Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth are the ones to contact if you want expert drape cleaning in Perth!

Drapery cleaning necessitates extreme caution, and we have the expertise, facilities, and knowledge to pay attention to even the tiniest detail to ensure that our services meet your needs.

We are in this industry since many years offering high-quality drape cleaning services across Perth, earning a strong reputation as a trustworthy and dependable service provider. Our excellent procedures and results have helped us to break into the market and establish a strong presence.

Before taking your drapery to our facilities for cleaning, we believe it is our duty to perform a thorough inspection. We usually look for the following items during our drapery cleaning inspection:

To prevent any misunderstandings about drapery shrinkage after washing, take correct length and width measurements.

Make a list of any damage to the drapery cloth, including stains and flaws;

Discuss any special care instructions you’d like us to follow, as well as any that are mentioned on the label.

Pay attention to the tassels or tie backs that come with the drapery.

Make any risks associated with specific types of materials clear;

Approve Costing.

Many of the customers we have served in Perth have praised us for our outstanding drape cleaning results. We ensure that our finishing is customized, which includes ironing and proper lining setting. We assume that drapery cleaning is incomplete without adequate ironing and finishing facilities! We also have complimentary deodorizing services to make our customers’ experience even better!

So, contact Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth for an outstanding drape cleaning experience in Perth!


Do you offer curtain and blind cleaning services along with drape cleaning?

Yes, certainly! We offer other window dressing services as well along with drape cleaning services in Perth.

Are your cleaners proficient enough to clean our valuable drapes?

Absolutely! We are known in the industry for our brilliant staff which evidently has are skilled and extremely proficient.

Is drape cleaning services expensive than curtain dry-cleaning?

Drape cleaning services in Perth at Shine is reasonable. To get a express booking, you can contact our cleaners and get the exact price.

Do you provide same-day or emergency services?

Yes, of course. Our cleaners are ready 24/7 to fulfill your urgent or same-day needs.

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