Curtains have a major impact on the look of your windows; thus, they should always look fresh and new as much as possible! If you have been worried about their stains and foul odour and the regular curtain cleaning have done no good, worry not! We are here to help you and get your curtains back in order. Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth is the ultimate option for your curtains that are in their poorest condition. We ensure our curtain dry cleaning services give your curtains a refined look. For the best and easiest cleaning performance, we process both curtains and drape dry cleaning.

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Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth has been in the curtain cleaning industry for long and is popular for providing the best result-oriented services to the clients. Apart from being proficient, we have the following specialities.

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Residential and Commercial Curtain Dry Cleaning

What is Curtain Dry Cleaning?

Curtain Dry Cleaning is a method of cleaning clothes and textiles without the use of water. This cleaning method is appropriate for garments that are only recommended for dry cleaning or for removing stains. The stain is not fully embedded in the fabric while it is new. Dry cleaning is a very good tool for completely removing a number of fresh stains in this case.

To provide the safest and most environmentally friendly dry-cleaning services possible, we use the latest generation hydrocarbon dry cleaning technology. Simply bring your garment to us, and we will let you know what the best cleaning method is for it.

Leave your curtains hanging when they’re in dire need of cleaning or we will come to you! Contact us now at +61480021966.

We will dry clean your curtains without removing them from the window in your home or office. It’s convenient, clean, safe, and environmentally friendly. In two hours, your curtains will be ready to use. Although our onsite service is recommended, you can also drop them off at one of our convenient locations.

Benefits of Curtain Dry Cleaning

We provide you with the following benefits of curtain dry cleaning:

Extend the life of your curtains: Frequent washing improves the life of the curtains by removing stains and ground-in dirt and soils that serve as an abrasive on the garment’s fibres. You will secure your investment by dry-cleaning them on a regular basis.

Finishing- Professional finishing gives curtains a clean, wrinkle-free, like-new look that can’t be matched, thanks to special pressing equipment. There are no creases or wrinkles that are out of place.

Odour Removal- Curtain Dry Cleaning services help to eliminate all the unwanted odour from the fabric. With the latest equipment and methods, we ensure that the odour removal process is easy and hassle-free.

Stain removal: To remove stains, our drycleaners use a combination of complex procedures and specialized stain removal solutions. Solvent-soluble stains and water-soluble stains are the two main types of stains. Different stains necessitate different procedures, and our drycleaners are well-versed in removing stains safely.

Our Curtain Dry Cleaning Services

We can clean any kind of curtain and also apply fire retardants and stain preventative sprays (or Scotch Guard). We can even vacuum your upholstery and treat your mattresses for dust mites. Window treatments today come in such a wide range of styles, fabrics, and constructions that traditional wet or dry cleaning is not always feasible. Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth on-site curtain cleaning employs a cutting-edge method that allows cleaning to take place on your premises. It’s the ideal solution for curtains that are either too fragile to remove or can’t be removed at all.

The ease of On-Site Curtain Cleaning is evident. Traditional approaches necessitate the removal of the curtains, which may leave you without them for many days. Furthermore, many window treatments are incompatible with traditional cleaning methods.

Importance of professional curtain dry cleaning in Perth.

It is highly recommended to avail the services of a professional dry-cleaning company, particularly when dealing with lined curtains. It is necessary to check the mark on the back of the material if you are not sure what kind of curtain you have. Lined curtains are labelled “dry-clean only,” implying that they would be quickly ruined if washed in a standard washing machine at home. Also self-cleaning is not recommended because different fabrics are used to make different curtains. Taking this into account, using the wrong chemicals while cleaning the drapes will cause the material to deteriorate. Hence, it is vital that you hire a professional to clean your valuable curtains.

Having your curtains and drapes professionally dry cleaned at Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth is the best way to keep your home looking new and eliminate unwanted odours. Contact us right away for your revamping the look of your curtains with our curtain dry cleaning services in Perth.


Why is curtain dry cleaning necessary?

Curtain dry cleaning facilitates the removal of mould, unwanted odour, stains and germs. These factors can affect the well-being of the residents and thus it is important to dry clean your curtains at least once a year. Moreover, it also enhances the look of your curtains and windows.

How much does curtain dry cleaning services in Perth cost for both residential and commercial premises?

The costs of curtain dry cleaning majorly depend on the length of the curtains and their amount of damage. However, we assure you that the prices we charge are fairly reasonable and will not make a hole in your pocket.

Will my curtains shrink after the dry-cleaning process?

Please keep in mind that most curtain and drapery manufacturers suggest allowing up to 3% shrinkage during the cleaning process. Some curtains and drapes that have been exposed to a lot of sunlight can break down and become -damaged during the dry-cleaning process as a result of this sun damage.

Why should I employ a professional to dry clean my curtains?

Dry cleaners who work for a living are trained, professional, and experienced. You will protect the elegance and efficiency of your curtains by recruiting professionals. Experts also use non-toxic cleaning solvents, specialized equipment, and methods to clean the curtains.

Do I need to take the curtains down to get them professionally dry cleaned?

No, it’s not true. Our professionals arrive at your place, remove the curtains, and clean them before reinstalling them. We also clean the frame of your window to protect your curtain from the dust in the setting.

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