Do you want your curtains to be as gleaming and spotless as they have always been? Call Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth today to see our expert technicians restore your curtains to their original shape, lustre, and polished texture. Our professionals provide same-day curtain cleaning services in Perth, including all the types of curtains, drapes, shades and blinds.

Why choose Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth?

Proactive Approach: An emergency cleaning is more than just a one-time plan; it entails a series of critical steps that must be clearly established in order to minimize any danger that might arise.

Customized Cleaning and Sanitation: When our workers arrive on site, they assess the state of the curtains as well as the source of the stains, and then clean them appropriately. They clean the curtains immediately afterward to eliminate any traces of germs. Emergency cleaning necessitates speed, but time constraints and challenges do not prevent us from arriving at the location where we are required.

Specialized Skills: For a long time, many people believed that cleaning curtains in both residential and commercial settings was a simple activity that anyone could perform. This activity, however, necessitates specialized skills, appropriate facilities, and, most importantly, the mobilization of time and resources. As a result, hiring a company like ours to provide optimum cleaning is the best option.

Complete Hygiene: Infectious agents that accumulate on the surface of the curtains due to improper cleaning can cause a variety of diseases. This can also contaminate surfaces and equipment through touch, which is difficult to control without the right tools.Top of Form

What are the benefits of steam cleaning on the same day?

Our professionals are highly qualified to provide you with the best curtain cleaning experience possible. Apart from that, Same Day Steam Cleaning provides additional benefits such as pick-up and drop-off facilities, off-site and on-site cleaning, and a 24/7 truck-mounted service that will arrive at your door whenever you want. Fabric inspection, stain repair, curtain steam cleaning, curtain shampooing, curtain dry cleaning, curtain sanitization, curtain deodorizing, and curtain disinfection are all included in our outstanding services. Furthermore, the courteous workers at Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth are happy to assist with curtain removal and rehanging.

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Since our goal is full customer loyalty, same-day curtain cleaning services, and no shrinkage or colour fade guaranteed, Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth should always be your first preference. Apart from curtain cleaning, Same Day Steam Cleaning also provides exceptional drapery cleaning, roman blinds cleaning, Venetian blinds cleaning, mini blinds cleaning, and panel blinds cleaning services.

Curtain Cleaning on the Same Day

We take pride in completing tasks on the same day as the appointment at Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth. As a result, the professionals on our team provide our valued customers with outstanding and top-notch curtain and drapery cleaning services. Our professionals have the following on-site cleaning services:

Our experts begin by examining the curtain and determining how much time it will take to clean it. After that, they will focus on stain removal with our most effective and environmentally friendly stain removal solutions. Depending on the state of your curtains, our workers will provide both dry and steam cleaning.

The most cost-effective service is same-day Steam Cleaning. We are a proud team of trained and well-equipped professionals who provide cleaning services seven days a week. We use environmentally friendly cleaning materials that are suitable for both you and your pets. Above all, it is your happiness that motivates us to work even harder and more faithfully.

Now is the time to contact us for same day curtain cleaning services in Perth.

We have assembled advanced machinery and productive workers to conduct our exclusive cleaning services in Perth, allowing us to complete our work effectively and easily. We provide our emergency cleaning crews in Perth with the training they need to operate the equipment they need to do their jobs. Every unexpected situation that occurs on a daily basis will be handled by our emergency cleaning staff. So, if you are looking for emergency curtain cleaning in Perth contact our professionals at any time!

Curtain Cleaning Off-Site

If you want off-site curtain cleaning, our expert will come to your home and remove the curtains to be cleaned at our facility. Our expert will first check the curtains and inform you if any harm has occurred. Second, he’ll take precise measurements to ensure that the curtains don’t shrink after they  have been cleaned. Third, he will provide you with the most competitive quote possible, and finally, he will notify you when the work is completed. We also provide secure curtain delivery to your home.

Our Process of Curtain Cleaning

We also offer free curtain pick-up and rehanging services. Our professionals will expertly remove the curtains from your windows without causing any harm. They will take them to the laundromat to be washed, then return them on time and with the utmost care and responsibility to rehang them.

The first step in our cleaning process is to inspect the curtains thoroughly, taking into account the manufacturer’s mark, the curtains’ age, fabric details, and the form of stains. Different fabrics and clothes need different types of treatment, and depending on the type of curtain you have, it can require dry cleaning, steam cleaning, or other methods.

We use only mild, environmentally friendly detergents to care for the fragile fabric, ensuring that the curtains are washed without shrinking, and then we dry them using our unique modern dryers.

To achieve the perfect drapery dropping, we press and iron the curtains after adding a primer to improve their appearance.

We then reattach the metal hooks, move the rings around the frame, or even put the curtains on the track slides to hang the curtains back in place.

If we use high-temperature steam to clean the curtains, the fabric is automatically smoothed, and we even sanitize the curtains, ensuring they are free of all germs.


1.Is it possible to get my curtains washed the same day as my reservation?

Yes, indeed. We are a company that specializes in same-day curtain cleaning.

We will clean your curtains the same day you book them because we have a talented team and high-tech machines. You can reach us at any time of the day or night, and we will give you, our word.

2. Does curtain washing take a long time?

No, it’s not true. Within a few hours, you can clean your curtains. In an emergency, our team will arrive at your location within an hour and begin working on curtain cleaning methods. We appreciate your time and money, so we provide high-quality, quick services at a reasonable cost.

3. Do you charge extra if the curtains are cleaned?

No, it’s not true. When you contact us, we will provide you with a simple quote for the service. The curtains are  then examined for form, fabric, scale, and damage by our team. After that, we’ll talk about the job and give you an estimate of how much the service will cost.

There will be no further charges after this final discussion since we do not have any secret rules. Because of our openness and authenticity, we have become one of Perth’s most famous same-day curtain cleaning services.

4. Do you clean our windows?

Yes, indeed. If the curtains or blinds have been cleaned, they are reinstalled in their original place. However, before hanging the curtains, we must first clean the structure, which may be a window or a door. This is done to shield the freshly washed curtains from the dust in the air. Our team is highly committed and hardworking, and they take great pride in performing these rituals.

5. How do I schedule a curtain cleaning service for the following day in Adelaide?

You can book next day curtain cleaning in Perth by calling Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth or visiting our website. Our booking system is quick, and our staff is helpful and courteous when it comes to answering your questions.

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