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On-site curtain cleaning is always one of the most highly preferred services availed by customers all across the world. Why? Because on-site curtain cleaning Perth provides maximum satisfaction to customers as everything is done in front of them.

But is on-site curtain cleaning applicable for all curtain types? No. Curtain on-site cleaning is best for lightweight and moderately dirty fabrics. There are many disadvantages of curtain cleaning that you may not be aware of.

So, let’s take a look at the limitations of on-site curtain cleaning Perth.

Professional Curtain Cleaning services

Not Suitable for Extremely Dirty Curtains

Extremely dirty curtains cannot be cleaned at your home. Although, it is recommended by expert curtain cleaners Perth that you should get your curtains cleaned once every year, unfortunately, this advice isn’t followed diligently.

Many homeowners don’t clean their curtains for years. This leads to extreme dirt build-up that cannot be cleaned using handheld tools. Your curtains need to be sent to the off-site cleaning set up where the fabric can be cleaned in huge machines and following standard procedure.

So, if your curtain is extremely dirty, don’t opt for on-site curtain cleaning services, as you won’t get satisfactory results.

Not Recommended for Heavy Curtains

Curtains that are lightweight and easy to clean can be cleaned at home. Moreover, if you have some fragile curtains that cannot be taken down and the dirt level is mild then on-site cleaning is the best method for you. However, when you have heavy curtains that haven’t been cleaned for a long time, availing of off-site cleaning services is a must.

Heavy curtains require special treatment and sometimes when the dirt build-up is high hand-held devices and steam cleaning isn’t enough to remove them. These curtains should be sent to the state-of-the-art facility where several machines and experts clean your curtains.

Stain Removal is Best Performed Off-Site

Removing stains to give a flawless look to your curtain is not possible every time with curtain on-site cleaning. Moreover, it is difficult to deal with old and stubborn stains using limited tools and cleaning supplies.

However, when you go for off-site curtain cleaning services, your stain removal is guaranteed. The entire curtain cleaning plant is set up, especially for taking care of your curtains where all kinds of stains are dealt with effectively. So, when you want flawless results of stain removal from your curtains, make sure you opt for an off-site curtain cleaning facility.

Doesn’t Include Complete Services

When it comes to on-site curtain cleaning, this does not include curtain removing and re-hanging services. This means your curtains are cleaned while they remain hanging from the rod.

However, when you opt for off-site curtain cleaning services, your curtains are removed from the rod and re-hanged by the experts. You don’t need to move a finger when it comes to your curtain cleaning.

Your curtains are cleaned in the plant, dried, and ironed. Later, the curtains are packed and before hanging they back the experts measure the dimension to check for shrinkage issues.

On-site vs. Off-site -The Difference is Clear

When you hang a curtain that is cleaned off-site side by side with the curtain that is cleaned on-site, you can notice the difference. But, how does the difference arise?

The cost involved in the purchase of on-site curtain cleaning equipment is less than $3000. On the other hand, the cost of setting up an off-site curtain cleaning plant is more than $50000. That’s why only a few curtain cleaning companies offer off-site cleaning services.

There is a clear difference in the entire curtain cleaning process of the two methods. On-site curtain cleaning is done within a couple of hours, whereas the off-site curtain cleaning process takes much longer.

Final Words

Now you know the limitations of on-site curtain cleaning. This service is best when your curtains are mildly dirty and are light in weight. However, in case your curtains are heavy and extremely dirty, make sure you go for off-site curtain cleaning services and see the difference yourself!

Looking for an off-site curtain cleaning service in Perth? Contact Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth for quick, effective, and affordable services!

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