When you start thinking about decorating your interiors, curtains play a crucial role. They are much important in defining the décor style and setting up an ambience for your residential or commercial property. However, they too get exposed to dirt, dust, and bacteria and need regular clean-ups.

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Curtains are much vulnerable to absorbing dirt which makes them look unappealing. Also, the dirt makes your curtains unhygienic and you might suffer from allergies or infections if you come in contact with these uncleaned curtains. Hence, Curtain cleaning in Perth is much essential for maintaining

However, here are the top 7 mistakes which you must avoid while cleaning your curtains-

Hiring unskilled professionals-
Many people think that curtain cleaning is not a difficult task. However, you either need to clean them by yourself or you need to appoint skilled and well-trained professionals who can offer you efficiency and assurance of no damage during curtain cleaning.

Appointing unskilled and unprofessional curtain cleaners is one of the most eminent mistakes which property owners make while curtain cleaning in Perth. This cannot only ruin the appearance of your curtains but can also lead to long-lasting damage to your curtain fabric. Hence, it is important for you to appoint skilled and efficient curtain cleaners in Perth who can clean your curtains thoroughly and make them pristine, spotless and clean.

Using harmful cleaning agents-
Curtains are usually made of many different fabrics which need to be cleaned with different techniques.  Also, if they are not cleaned with the correct cleaning solutions, they will lead to shrinkage, fading or discolouration. If your cleaning agent is harsh, then the colour of your curtains might change and fade out. This is why it is important to clean your curtains with effective cleaning solutions.

Utilizing wrong equipment for cleaning-
Property owners tend to make a common flaw while curtain cleaning in Perth. Some curtains are designed for machine washing, while some are not. If you have heavy curtains, then it is always advisable to avoid cleaning them in a washing machine as it may lead to long term damage and discolouration.   However, if you have light-weight curtains then you might consider cleaning them in a washing machine after reading the manufacturers guide.

  • Drying curtains in open area which are exposed to direct sunlight
    As some curtains are made of delicate fabrics, you need to avoid drying them under harsh sunlight. This may damage the curtains and ruin the delicate material. Also, harsh sunlight and rays might lead to shrinkage and also discolouration. Additionally, the prints on your curtains might also fade away.


  • Failed planning-
    Making a proper plan of curtain cleaning in Perth is much important. It helps you to execute the task and fulfil the requirements of curtains. So, make sure that you chalk out a perfect and well-defined plan for curtain cleaning in Perth to prevent your curtains from damage and destruction. Also, make sure that you have some help during the cleaning session as it is an arduous task. Also, you can appoint expert curtain cleaners in Perth for having your curtains cleaned thoroughly and properly.


  • Using improper equipment-
    Before washing your curtains, ensure that the equipment which you are planning to use is in a good condition and is ideal for usage. If you use a flawed equipment or machine for curtain cleaning. Then there is a possibility that your curtains can get ruined and the look of your curtains is hampered. Also, you need to use a mild detergent and a soft brush for cleaning your fabric and to get rid of all the accumulated dust and dirt thoroughly from your curtains. This helps you to eliminate the tough stains from your curtain fabric without even damaging it.


  • Not wearing protective clothing-
    To stay safe and protected during curtain cleaning in Perth, make sure that you wear a layer of clothing. If your skin gets exposed to cleaning agents, then there is a possibility that they may irritate your skin and also lead to allergies and infections. Additionally, you might get a burn if steam touches the skin. So, wear protective gear or gloves to make sure that you are safe all the way through curtain cleaning in Perth


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