Curtains are part of window dressing .However when it comes to cleaning large heavy curtains, many shrug it off for a later date as it seems a bothersome task to many. It seems a time consuming process of getting them off their hooks, washing them, drying them, ironing them and then again putting them back. Many of you might hire Curtain Cleaning Perth  service experts to clean them professionally. Yet many actually go to the extent of buying new ones.
But why go to that length or added expenses when you can home clean them and make them look in top condition like those done by Curtain Cleaners Perth specialists? Read below a few practical suggestions of how to start tackling those large heavy dirty curtains and turn them looking bright and clean like professional curtain cleaning Perth service job.

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Inspection and reading manufacturer’s label

Before you consider cleaning large heavy curtains, always begin by carefully reading the manufacturer’s label that instructs on the methods that are safe and other precautions. If you follow this, then you prevent the fabric from any damage, and prolong their life. Next inspect the level of dirt. If your curtains have slight dust then you can clean it while still hanging or else wash them after taking them down. If you don’t read labels before you start work you could bring potential harm. If you are pressed for time then it is advisable to hire Curtain Cleaning Perth service specialist.

How do you clean while curtains are hanging?

First clean the rod or pelmet and then attend to curtains. Next use a lint roller to remove the lint and pet fur stuck on curtains. Next, begin cleaning by vacuuming the surface of fabric using a vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment to remove dirt and dust. If you observe any stains or spots, pre-treat those using a store bought spot remover or laundry detergent before proceeding.
Once the curtain’s surface has been cleaned, fill a spray bottle with a blend of quarter cup dishwashing soap or laundry detergent with warm water. Spray this on the surface taking one section at one time and follow this by wiping with a damp sponge or clean white cloth to avoid color transfer. Let each section dry fully before you start with the next section. Allow the curtains to dry in air.

For spot cleaning, use a spot cleaner liquid for delicate fabrics and directly apply on affected area using a sponge or clean white cloth. Gently rub in circular motion till stain becomes invisible.

How to clean large heavy curtains outside?

If the dirt is deep, then you would need to remove your curtains from their rings and take them off the rod and place them outside. For those getting nervous reading this you still have the option of going to Curtain Cleaners Perth services for a professional cleaning.

For those still raring to go ahead with the cleaning, take the curtains next and hang them on from a clothesline. Use a garden hose and spray warm water top down the curtains on both sides. Concentrate the areas with deeper soiling. Once both sides have been well sprayed, take a bucket with mild detergent mixed in cold water and scrub those spotted areas with a gentle hand using a soft brush or even your fingers. Give the curtains a final rinse with the hose and allow them to dry in air till completely dry. Once dry, run an iron with care.

Cleaning in washing machine

Washing in the machine is an easy way to keep your curtains looking new. But when you are talking of large heavy curtains you have to put them in small batches in the machine to prevent overloading as curtains get heavier when wet. Separate light and dark colors and use a gentle cycle with mild detergent in cold water to preserve the fabric. Once washing is done, avoid wrinkled to set in by drying them immediately in natural air and then putting them back on the windows.

Steam cleaning your curtains

This is another great option to clean your large heavy drapes while they remain hanging. The high temperature of the steam cleaner effectively eliminates dirt, debris and pollutants making it clean and hygienic. Take care to hold the steam cleaner 4-6 inches away from the surface to not damage the delicate fabric.
Move slowly on the entire length of curtain in up and down motion. Allow the curtains to dry fully. This also removed the unpleasant greasy odors and deodorizes your curtains. You may also purchase a deodorizer and spray on surface. For those who are not confident about handling the cleaning, going to Professional Curtain cleaning Perth experts is recommended.

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