Curtain steam cleaning is a method that you use to clean curtains with the use of hot steam to deep clean the curtains. This process is eco-friendly and uses minimal detergents. Steam cleaning is also referred to as the hot water extraction method. The steam cleaner nozzle is used to remove dirt, allergens, and stains.

We give below a general overview of the process:

It is better to use a hand-held version of the fabric steam cleaner to deep clean your curtains. Understand thoroughly how to operate the steam cleaner at home. Also, read the manufacturer’s instructions to understand whether steam cleaning can be applied to your particular curtain fabric.

Preparing For Steam Cleaning

  • Remove all hooks, tiebacks, rings, and other embellishments from the curtains while steam cleaning.
  • Treat all visible stains with a store-bought or homemade stain remover. You can even mix a gentle fabric cleaner with a stain remover for this purpose.
  • Set up the steam cleaner according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Fill it with water and the recommended detergent, and allow it to heat up.
  • Before you start applying steam to the entire surface of the curtain, Make sure that the steam cleaner does not cause any damage or discoloration.
  • Start at the top of the curtain and apply steam to the entire surface. Hold the steam cleaner about 6 to 12 inches away from the curtain fabric. Move the steam cleaner slowly all over the fabric. This will allow the steam to penetrate the entire curtain fabric. Pay extra attention to the curtain stains and spots, and pass the steam cleaner several times over these spots. Pass multiple times if deemed necessary.
  • After steam cleaning, the fabric will be damp from the hot steam. Dry your curtains on a clothesline or a clotheshorse in a shaded area. Thorough drying will ensure that the mould does not form on the curtain fabrics. Damp fabrics also attract dust particles and dirt to the fabric.
  • As the last step, rehang the curtains by reattaching the hooks, rings, and materials that you have detached before cleaning.
  • Do a final inspection to make sure that there are no stains, spots, or dirt left on your curtains. You may have to repeat the procedure if you detect some impurities on your curtains.

For Which Curtain Fabrics Is Steam Cleaning Not Suitable?

Steam cleaning is a very versatile method that is effective for various fabrics or surfaces. Steam cleaning is not suitable for certain curtain fabrics, as given below.

  • For delicate fabrics like silk, velvet, and certain types of wool, curtain steam cleaning is not suitable as this would cause the fabric to shrink or wrinkle. The high temperature and moisture have disastrous effects.
  • Water-sensitive fabrics like rayon also get affected by steam cleaning.
  • Thermal curtains and other curtains coated with certain materials have an adverse effect when exposed to steam cleaning.
  • If your curtain material is old or damaged, then steam cleaning can damage the fabric further.
  • Velvets or suedes can be affected as steam or water can damage them.


Steam cleaning is a very effective method to remove dirt and kill allergens. Follow all the precautions, especially the manufacturer’s care instructions, while steam cleaning your curtain fabrics.

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