For a better-looking premise, we add different furniture to furnish it with our aesthetic taste. One such part of furnishing is the curtains. Curtains add to our home décor and make the room look fuller and more organized.

Sometimes our curtains are non-removable and need to be hung forever. Undoubtedly the room looks beautiful, but the curation gets super dirty and soiled with time, due to a variety of pollutants, dust and dirt that get accumulated on them.

So to clean a non-removable curtain, you need to take advice from curtain cleaning Perth experts who are proficient in cleaning curtains with or without removing them from their hooks.

Getting professional curtain cleaning is a must for all types of curtains, especially those that are hung. The permanent curtains get more dangerous with allergens and dirty than the removable ones. Often people choose to discard them after a fixed period. But It isn’t practical for all.

So let’s learn how to clean non-removable curtains like a professional.

How To Clean Curtains While They Are Hanging?

It is not easy to clean a hung curtain. Non-removable curtains tend to get dirtier because of being static in one place. So it requires more attention and a better clean-up.

Generally, they are used in a more cornered space where they need not get dirty quickly. But they do.

To clean them, you need professional curtain cleaning assistance and advice.

Professionals have all the tools they can use to clean a non-removable curtain that cannot be removed.

They have experience, too, to get it done wisely.

The curtain cleaners Perth experts have provided various methods for non-removable curtain cleaning.

Some of them are:


  • Regular Vacuuming – Vacuuming the curtains help get rid of the loose dirt that gets accumulated daily. You may be unaware of the number of allergens, dust and dirt particles a curtain fabric attracts. Non-removable ones are the most affected, as they have been there for years. Regularly vacuuming discourages dirt from settling on the material and keeps it clean for a long time.


  • Beating The Curtain – Beating the curtain with a beater or a stick to help shake off the dirt on the fabric is an age old technique and very helpful too. It can also help eliminate sticky pollutants that get stuck on the curtain due to air and static energy. It helps clean the non-removable curtain easily. Professionals come with tools for the same.


  • Dusting The Curtain – Dusting regularly the curtain fabric is of great relevance to eliminating allergens and pollutants. Curtains get a lot of exposure to the outside world. So dusting them helps eliminate the daily dirt it is exposed to.


  • Curtain Steam Cleaning – Curtain steam cleaning is the most effective and popular curtain cleaning method. It helps the most with the non-removable curtains as they can be easily cleaned with the steam cleaner. You need not remove them off the hooks to get them steam cleaned. Professionals bring steam cleaners with them to do it for you. It is better to get it done by an expert as they know how to do it better.


  • Using Cleaning Sprays – Cleaning sprays help clean the stains and mould patches from the curtain. You can use a spray to clean the affected area effectively. You can then use a water spray to remove the solvent and let the curtain air dry. For immediate drying, use a dryer, Calling professional help in cleaning non-removable curtains is a better option. Professionals use deodorizers and Sanitizers too for a better clean-up.


Professional curtain cleaners like Shine Curtain Cleaning Perth services are well equipped to clean your hung and non-removable curtains quickly.

Expert curtain cleaners have years of experience in dealing with such types and know how to give a complete clean-up without damaging the fibre as well as the home decor.

Also, a critical thing that professionals keep in mind is that while cleaning a non-removable curtain, one should take care of the surroundings.

The furniture nearby or the carpet tends to get dirty while cleaning such curtains. You should cover the area with a protective layer to keep it clean and undamaged. Professionals take care of it.

So a professional service never disappoints you with their work.

Call them for a better clean-up of your non-removable curtains.

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