Curtains occupy a big part of home furnishings and interior décor. Curtains like most other fabrics are exposed to daily doses of dust, debris, and smoke and get dirty over time. Unless they are cleaned from time to time by experts like Curtain Cleaning Perth services, they lose their shine and glamour and cause allergies and health risks. While regular home care of curtains ensures a longer life of your curtains periodic scheduling of Curtain Cleaners Perth specialists causes a thorough cleaning restoring health and hygiene.

How do I locate a top-rated curtain-cleaning company in my area

Using advanced cleaning equipment and methods your curtains get a complete makeover in the hands of skilled and trained personnel of Professional curtain cleaning Perth services. Let us now see how they go about executing the cleaning process.

Inspection: The cleaning process begins with a thorough inspection by cleaning professionals of any Curtain Cleaning Perth service that helps in identifying the type of fabric and level of soiling. After inspection, the best cleaning method and solution are finalized.

Vacuum: Vacuuming dislodges and sucks out all loose dirt and dust from the curtain surface so that the next step of applying cleaning solution may be done.

Pre-treatment: Next, a pre-treatment is done by most Curtain Cleaners Perth experts. A cleaning solution is applied on spotted and stained patches to loosen them. The pre-treatment liquid is allowed to be left for some time to cause maximum effect in removing the spots and stains.

Machine cleaning: Many Professional curtain cleaning Perth services wash the curtains using commercial grade washing machine specifically ideal for delicate and vulnerable curtain fabrics. Mild detergent and mild temperature settings are used to preserve the fabric.

Dry cleaning: Different curtains need different cleaning techniques. For specific fabrics experts use the dry cleaning method where a specially formulated solvent is injected into curtains under pressure. Then it is extracted from the fabric, leaving curtains squeaky clean with no damage or shrinkage to fabric making this a popular method.

Steam cleaning: Professionals offer steam cleaning at homes and businesses of clients for curtains that are difficult to take down. Skilled personnel wear protective gear and apply steam starting at the top of curtains and work their way down keeping the steamer at a safe distance o prevent over wetting as steam also can burn . This is an excellent method for deep cleaning and removes dirt, stains and offensive odors. It’s a very effective and sought after technique that is requested.

Hot water extraction: This is another method done on curtains that is effective in removing dirt and dust yet being gentle on curtain fabric. Difficult spots and stains are removed using a combination of hot water and special solution. Most of the dirt and pollutants along with solution is extracted back and you get clean curtains. Curtains cleaned by this method need a bit of a time to dry fully.

Drying curtains:  All washes are followed by rinsing to eliminate any soapy residue. Special dryers with low temperature settings are used to dry curtains without damaging or shrinking the curtain fabric.

Ironing curtains: Once the curtains are completely dry, they are ironed to remove creases and wrinkles. Professional cleaners utilize advanced equipment that curtains are pressed at the right pressure and temperature, ensuring no harm comes to the fabrics.

Final inspection: Professional curtain cleaning professionals do a thorough inspection of the washed curtains to ensure proper cleaning has been done. If there are any spots or marks, they are cleaned again; finally the curtains are packed and then delivered to the client. 

Professional curtain cleaning services offer odor removal and stain removal services that are customized to specific curtain cleaning requests.

Professional curtain cleaning services also offer services to clean pelmets, cascades, cornices, Roman and Venetian blinds, festoons, valances, sheers, swags, scarves, and top treatments.

Professional curtain cleaners ensure that your indoor air quality gets improved as they remove built-up bacteria and other contaminants and prolong the life of your curtains. Once back the curtains look fresh and brand new put back the aesthetic touch back into your offices and living spaces. Since professionals inspect the curtains properly to clean all issues of wear and tear are also attended to, which thereby prevents further damage to curtains.

Curtains are expensive buys and cleaning them periodically by professionals keeps them dirt and germ-free prolongs their life and saves you money from replacing them frequently. So make professional curtain cleaning a part of home maintenance.

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